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Best Practices for Computer Performance and Safety

Hardware Considerations
I primarily want to share setup insights not directly related to the hardware in any given system, but in order to facilitate that advice there are a couple of basic principles of computer design I would like to encourage.

Use a Dual Hard Drive Setup - I strongly recommend having two hard drives: a smaller, fast one for Windows and applications, and a larger one for data storage. Some folks might need even more data drives (which is fine), but the important part is to separate your data from your OS installation and programs. There are several advantages to this approach, including:
You can reinstall Windows or programs without affecting saved data files

Data can be backed up easily and independent of application files

The data drive could be moved to a new computer in the future

You can invest in a high-speed drive for your OS / applications without having to buy into large capacity that might be cost-prohibitive

You …

The Different Memory Cards And The Speed Of Some Of Them

The Different Memory Cards And The Speed Of Some Of Them

The MMC and Secure digital cards are not the same but are interchangeable. The difference has to do with copy protections of the disk volume on the SD card. This extra feature makes the SD attractive for people who use them in MP3 players. No other cards are interchangeable. The Canon Power shot A510 you described comes with only 16MB, so it would be best to invest in more memory capacity. What I would recommend is getting one memory card that you will be able to use, even as your need for the amount of pictures you want to take changes.
For this use I would recommend the SanDisk 1 GB Secure Digital Memory Card. Usually running around $90 this card will allow you transfer large files, take hundreds of photos, handle large movie files, and take pictures on the highest resolution setting. If you are looking for something with less storage space, but with an equally reduced cost. I would recommend the Kingston 512 MB SD Memory Card r…

Top 5 Most Used Text Editors

Top 5 Most Used Text EditorsAs time goes by, the variety of text editors available for the use of web developers keep on increasing. It is always that the new one has something better or something new to offer. Good thing that due to the number of choices they have, they could weigh which one would be most appropriate for their project.Here are the most used text editors by web developers:NotepadNotepad is the most popular text editor based on the survey. It does not support any format or styles, which makes it very suitable in a DOS environment. It is one of the most favorites because it recognizes both left to right and right to left languages. It also does macro-recording and playback for repetitive keystrokes, a powerful regular expression search-and-replace, and support for many programming languages. Although you can edit file using notepad no matter what the format is, it does not read UNIX or MAC-style text files accurately.TextmateTextmate is a GUI text editor for MAC OS X. I…

Editing User Accounts in Windows.

Editing User Accounts in Windows.In this article, we will tackle how to setup the Windows User Accounts. This will allow you to add new accounts or close old accounts. You can even change passwords or upgrade accounts from “standard user” to “administrator.” First we will cover how to use the windows XP interface, then we will see how to use the windows vista and windows 7 interface.Part One: Windows XP interface.To edit user accounts in windows xp:1. Press the start menu key in the bottom left area of the screen.2. Click on Control Panel.3. Find the “User Accounts” button and double click it.Your first three options will be: change an account, create a new account and change the way users log on or off. Clicking change an account will allow you to manage existing accounts. From there, you will be able to:1. Change my name. This allows you to change the name of the selected account.2. Change my password. Click this to EDIT your current password.3. Remove my password. This removes the …

Economy Articles

From command economies to traditional, barter, bubble and service economies, this section details numerous topics relative to various types of economies.

This section has been designed to provide background information about different aspects of various economics.

This section includes articles related to different types of economic systems, as well as a number of contemporary issues influencing the world economy, the distribution of economic powers, the issue of globalization, and other topics of interest.

While different types of economies prevail in certain regions of the world, these economies may illustrate many similarities, as well as differences, depending on the specific example.

A fuel economy for instance, is dominated by the international demand for crude oil and gasoline, while a command economy is a market system that is heavily regulated by the government.

These articles also provide information about the open economy - where no obstruction is imposed on trade or commerce, i…